No Country For Old Men

Ob das mit den mangelnden Englischkenntnissen des Wiener Publikums zu tun hatte, entzog sich meiner Kenntnis, aber die betretene Schockstarre die plötzlich die lautstarke Begeisterung kurzzeitig zum Ersiegen brachte, verwirrte selbst den alternden Gary Brooker gehörig. Und wie!

The Rise of Asia and the Consequences for European Identity

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DA Director, Ambassador Emil Brix, introduced Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint: a graduate of Oxford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Civil Servant, Conservative Politician, former Trade and Investment Minister, Banker and former Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings PLC, Company Director, Anglican Priest, and author of several books, including Reluctant Meister: How Germany’s Past is Shaping its European Future, and, Brexit and the British: Who are we Now?

The Day Coca–Cola wanted to buy our Water.

If it had washed over you last night then let me repeat a very simple fact. If you live in Vienna you drink the cleanest mineral water from the tap, you shower in mineral water, you wash your car with mineral water and if you have a garden you water it with mineral water.

Oil is “green” or The Third Man, the Riesenrad and British Petroleum

“I was gonna tell you, wait, I was gonna tell you about Holly Martins, an American. Came all the way here to visit a friend of his. The name is Lime, Harry Lime. Now Martins was broke and Lime had offered him, some sort, I don't know, some sort of job. Anyway, there he was, poor chap. Happy as a lark and without a cent.”

“They have the best hummus”

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Jerusalem is a city on the edge. One of the oldest urban civilisations in the world, and a holy site for three major religions, it has in recent times become characterised by conflict.

Quem Iuppiter vult perdere, dementat prius.

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Fascinating the thought that once the common language, even after the end of the Roman Empire, for many centuries amongst the European intelligentsia was Latin and with Latin Sir Brian Unwin started his absolutely brilliant talk, which by the way, you can read in its totality on the Austro-British Website HERE.

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