ABS Policy Paper No.2 2017


  • written by Colin Munro

  • issued by the ABS Expert Council



The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May has triggered Art. 50 today setting in train Britain’s two-year, slow-motion exit from the European Union.

One point is clear in the provision of Art. 50: two years after its activation the U.K. will no longer be a member of the EU, whether or not a deal has been struck on the terms of the divorce.

The Effects of Brexit on Britons in Austria.

The Effects of Brexit
on Britons in Austria. .

Statement of the ÖBRG/ABS from 22.07. 2016
Dr. Kurt TIROCH, President kurt.tiroch@oebrg.at, www.oebrg.at


  • General uncertainty prevails, numerous detailed questions unanswered

  • Big Question: Pension and Social Security for expats and vice versa

  • 4 solutions are conceivable: as with CH , N , WTO ; or negotiate bilaterally

  • "The Scotland question“: a new EU member? With new expat solution?