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Dear members and friends of the ABS,

"hold it" .. as this month´s calendar picture clearly indicates. Indeed, there´s no more need for ongoing discussions about BREXIT, as the answer seems crystal clear (*): The United Kingdom is leaving the EU as per 29 March 2019. And we  hear that "..a No Deal crash is highly unlikely, because the EU, the British Parliament, and a majority in the government are against it."

So, apparently they will leave with a deal, though not necessarily the Withdrawal Arrangement (WA) which has been negotiated with Brussels over the last two years either. Therefore, a delay seems the temporary solution, unless, of course, there might be a second referendum or even general elections. The recent decision of Mr. Bercow (see bottom), Speaker of the House of Commons, has restored old uncertainties - or created new plausibilities, who knows?  Though it is not exactly clear what precisely should be the questions of a referendum. Only one issue is definitely clear: the UK will be leaving the EU, errhh ... or what is your prophecy?

                                                                                                                 (*) at time of writing this editorial. Half-live not known.

Yours, scratching my head with helplessness,

Fred Fruth, Secretary General and Editor-in-Chief 


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Upcoming Events

REMINDER: Don´t miss this  very current and exciting topic on Thursday 28 March, 18:00hrs.

BREXIT: D-Day at the Cafe Ministerium, 1010 Vienna, with lectures of our two ambassadors, retired, and true experts: Alexander Christiani, ABS Vice President, and Colin Munro, ABS Board Member, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Kurt Tiroch, ABS President. For recommended dress code and all other details of interest see invitation dated 7 March. For ABS members and friends.


Samstag, 06.04., 11:45h: DIE ANKERUHR. Hoher Markt 10-11, 1010 Wien. Präsentation von Werner Panhauser, Vorstand der Helvetia Versicherungen AG. For Corporate Members and Board Members only.

Mittwoch, 24.04., 19:00h:  Präsentation durch Mag. Gregor Strassl, Sprecher des Vorstands der Wolfgang Denzel AG: "Mit DENZEL in die Zukunft. Elektro- und Wasserstoffautos." Im DENZEL Megastore, 1030 Wien. Anschliessend Q&A session und Probefahrten möglich. Details siehe demnächst Einladung - in Vorbereitung. For ABS members and friends.

26.-29.04.: Taste of Ireland - Eine Reise mit dem historischen Luxus-Zug "Grand Hibernian" durch Irland (Republik) und Nordirland (UK). For ABS members and friends. FULLY BOOKED.


The Royal Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Von Alexander CabjolskyABS board member and corporate member, stammt nachstehende Info, die er allen London-Besuchern an´s Herz legt:

Ab 18.05.2019 startet im Victoria & Albert Museum diese internationale Ausstellung zum Thema „FOOD: Bigger than the Plate“ unter vorrangiger österreichischer Beteiligung. Die Architekten Sonja Stummerer und Martin Hablesreiter haben unter ihrem Pseudonym „Honey & Bunny“ nicht nur wesentlichen Anteil an dieser Ausstellung, Sonja Stummerer ziert auch das Ausstellungsplakat.

Nähere Informationen dazu finden Sie unter http://www.acflondon.org/events/food-bigger-plate/?fbclid=IwAR3DqNS2i-E8bLsQzsOhkinmrfJ7qD8WT8NeOuwnN0uRl9x1rZ2vadp14DQ

oder https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/food-bigger-than-the-plate oder https://www.honeyandbunny.com/

Schauen Sie vorbei, es lohnt sich!


English for Kids aged 3 - 12 !

Nigel Stonham, ABS member, tells us of a newly launched initiative called "RecreationRedefined", i.e. a sports based education for kids in English, which he is involved in, too. Based at the Amerling Gymnasium, 1060 Vienna, it concentrates on weekly recreational sporting activities and dance classes etc. in English for kids aged three to twelve years.

This is how they describe it themselves:

"Recreation Redefined is creating an action-based play approach towards exercise and learning for kids. Our focus is for kids to enjoy participating in sport, and we have designed a range of highly motivating training programs that will blow the kids away. Our program is designed for youth at recreational centers, schools, & kindergartens also for after-school recreational activities with multiple benefits for children and youth of all ages."


For further details




List of ABS Corporate Members Update

Attached please find the latest update of our list of corporate members. Once again, we wish to express a BIG THANK YOU to them for their ever so generous support. Without them we could never offer such a variety of high class events for the benefit of all members and friends of the Austro-British Society!


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Happy reading!
Fred Fruth
Secretary General


Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft
Austro-British Society (ABS)

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Für den Inhalt verantwortlich: Fred Fruth


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