Pre-Christmas Gathering in der Britischen Botschaft

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Now you know it! 1987 was the last time that Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador His Excellency Leigh Turner CMG had a party at the Ambassador’s Residence but 29 years ago it was not organised by the Austro-British Society. I believe that must make a difference!

At this point please spare a thought for our President’s stressful predicament who achieved the impossible to pour two pints into the proverbial one-pint-pot without spilling a drop. In other words he kept to the strict ambassadorial limit of 180 members and guests despite an original registration of over 220!


Following Ambassador Leigh Turner’s welcome, our President Dr Kurt Tiroch declared 2016 a very successful year for the ABS, despite Brexit, Donald Trump, Matteo Renz and, yes, the longest presidential campaign in the history of the Second Republic. 34 events of high quality and diversity mark a record in the annals of the Austro-British Society. 2017, we were told, promises to be equally busy and exclusive!


Gary Howard, the voice of Flying Pickets, entertained us with beautiful Christmas songs. It must be noted that a sizeable queue formed afterwards to buy his CD.


Our corporate member Kattus supplied us with endless glasses of Sekt, the Flying Buffet was, as always, of the highest quality (I must remark on the yummy Fish ’n’ Chips traditionally served in a newspaper-even though it was the “Washington Post”). Wine and Beer flowed liberally and towards the end I noticed that even a bottle of Gin had been opened. When I left around 9 pm I got the distinct impression that the party was not about to end soon.


Wolfgang Geissler