The 6th Joint Heurigen Evening at the Buschenschank Wolff

It’s always nice to meet Old Friends and make New Acquaintances.

I quoted this line on the invitation already last year and after last night, I’ll subscribe to it whole heartedly again!

Sunshine, heat and glorious wine promised a great event for ABS and ABC Members alike. No great speeches from anyone but in depth discussions about BREXIT and Football. Just think of it: Big Teams like Austria (I have not quite lost my grip on reality - I am joking of course!) and England were beaten by mighty Iceland and gone home but little Wales, albeit having voted for BREXIT, smashed Belgium and thus remain in the EURO (not the currency)!

We talked and drank in happy conviviality (nice word, innit!) until the sun had disappeared and it was time, for me at least, to go home. And to those, who didn’t make it yesterday: pity, you missed a great party.

Wolfgang Geißler