ABS Newsletter August 2013


August 2013



Dear Members and Friends of the ABS,

Erst mussten wir – vergeblich - auf den Frühling warten, dann kam der Sommer, ganz plötzlich und heftig, und schon mussten wir wieder wochenlang Geduld üben – für die ersehnte Ankunft des „Royal Baby“! Nun ist es da, hurra! … und wir freuen uns, Sie alle zu unserer seit langem geplanten „ROYAL SUMMER PARTY“ einzuladen, wo wir auch die glückliche Geburt von His Royal Highness, The Prince, feiern wollen: 

Freitag , 26. Juli, 16:00-19:00 h, bei KATTUS Sektkellereien, Billrothstrasse 51, 1190 Wien. Bitte unverzüglich anmelden, der link ist wie üblich: www.oebrg.at/index.php/de/fuer-event-anmelden.

Wer noch weiter vorausblicken will, sollte sich gleich unseren nächsten Event vormerken – diesmal wieder aus der Schublade „culture & entertainment“:Thursday, 8 August 2013, at 08:00pm: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT´S DREAM (In English), In the Gardens of Schloss Pötzleinsdorf, Geymüllergasse 1, 1180 Vienna. Auch hierfür senden Sie Ihre Anmeldung an: www.oebrg.at/index.php/de/fuer-event-anmelden.

VIENNA INTERNATIONAL RADIO - “ English Radio for the City.”

And now to something completely different: Most of you will remember PAUL HOLLINGDALE from his fascinating ORF “Radio Blue Danube” programme in English in the 80-s and 90-s, and we´re very proud of him as a member of the ABS. But Radio Legend Paul Hollingdale has in fact spent a lifetime in broadcasting, working for BBC London and famous Radio Luxemburg (RTL), and now during a period when he should be in retirement he is full of energy and enthusiasm for his latest venture, the return of English Radio to Vienna. He kindly sent us the following information on this latest masterpiece:

“VIENNA INTERNATIONAL RADIO went 'on air' in June 2013. You can join us now on WWW.VIENNARADIO.AT

Its purpose is to offer a sample of what the station is capable of offering. We are currently broadcasting 24 hours a day. We offer a package of news, views, interviews and features covering the life-style in Vienna, which includes a daily 'mix' of adult contemporary music, a great deal of which is rarely heard on other Austrian radio stations.

Hourly News is aired from CBS in New York, and last but not least - , reports of the various ABS events!
“Night-time presentations include US syndicated retro- shows, and the locally produced KEEP IT COUNTRY, featuring the latest Hits from Nashville. DISCO DAYS is broadcast three times a week. We also air the weekly produced hourly feature WARM UP FOR THE WEEKEND, which offers an up-to-date guide as to what's happening on the local music scene.

“VIR is currently negotiating to enter the cable network operated by UPC/ Telekabel so that the Station's 'reach ' can be extended. Upon our acceptance on the cable network we will begin broadcasting regular' live ' shows from our studio centre in Vienna. It is intended to apply for an FM frequency. PAUL HOLLINGDALE and his team are excited about the project but to realise their ambition, the need for local support, in all areas, is vital.”


“ English Radio for the City.” RADISSON BLU PALAIS HOTEL, PARK RING, 1010 VIENNA, Tel: +43 515 17 3210, Mobile: 0664 8605265. You can contact VIR by email - vienna.englishradio@gmail.com. PAUL HOLLINGDALE, Radio and TV Broadcaster, www.paulhollingdale.at


... and here you see Paul at one of his earlier and more dangerous live broadcasts ...

Finally, you didn´t think for a moment that I might have forgotten about training your command of the English language by providing a limerick, did you? Don´t worry, yours truly hasn´t forgotten at all, quite the contrary: As you all seem to be in holiday mood and having plenty of spare time, I take it even one step further. This month´s limerick is not only playing with words, but also quite irritatingly with abbreviations. Here we are:

She was peeved and called him “Mr.”,
Not because he came and “kr.”
But because, just before,
when she looked in at the door,
This same Mr. kr. sr. !

(Too difficult? Read out : Mister, kissed her, sister…)



p.s.: here I have a mystery for you to throw light on if possible: I found this lapel pin in an antique shop in Vienna. Naturally, I couldn´t control my curiosity, so I bought it for a considerable amount (don´t tell Monika, please!). Its diameter is exactly one inch (i.e. 2,54cm), bearing the initials "A.A.I.C." on top and, "Ö.E.A.K." at the bottom, and was manufactured by "ST.MRKWICKA, Wien VII, Zieglergasse" (what a genuine Viennese name!). Judging from the graphic design I date it any time between the 1920´s and 1950´s. Does anybody know what this is? Could the initals stand for something like "Anglo Austrian ??. Club", and "Österreich Englischer ??. Klub" respectively? I´m most grateful for any suggestions, your reply is much appreciated. p.p.s.
(picture: lapel pin)



Enjoy your holidays!
Fred Fruth
Secretary General



Österreichisch-Britische Gesellschaft
Austro-British Society (ABS)

Biberstrasse 3, 1010 Wien

Für den Inhalt verantwortlich: Fred Fruth


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